Reading this Advanced Perl book will teach you how to create modules and classes and in general how to write and maintain advanced Perl code.

It will teach you how to write Object Oriented code in the modern way, using Moose, or by using only core Perl: manually blessing references.

While many people use Perl as procedural language with Object Oriented features, Perl also has capabilities to use it as a functional programming language. This book will teach you a number of such techniques.

It is based on many years of experience teaching Perl, blended with the modern features of Perl and CPAN.

Table of Content

  • Using CPAN in an advanced way (changing @INC, using local::lib etc.)
  • References
    • Handling multi-dimensional, complex data structures
    • Reference counting
    • Debugging data structures
    • Anonymous arrays and hashes
    • Subroutine references
    • Dispatch tables
    • Handling memory leak
    • Deep copy of data structures
    • Closures
    • Creating a caching system
    • Signal handling
    • Handling warnings in the code
    • grep, map
    • Array and hash slices
    • Creating context sensitive functions using wantarray.
    • Improving speed by using the Schwartzian transformation
  • Libraries and Modules, Package and Namespace
    • Using namespaces for cleaner code
    • Creating a module
    • Exporting functions automatically and on-demand
    • use, require and import
    • Packaging modules for distribution
    • Writing unit tests
    • Exception handling
  • Object Oriented Programming in Perl (with and without Moose)
    • Constructor
    • Attributes, attribute types
    • Create your own type
    • Getters/Setters
    • Inheritance
    • Encapsulation
    • Singleton
    • Destructor

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Currently it is available in PDF format and contains 171 pages. Other formats will be added later and will be available without additional payment.