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Modern Perl Web Frameworks

  • Mojolicious light-weight web framework with rainbows and unicorns.
  • Perl Dancer light-weight web framework to rock.
  • Catalyst The MVC web framework of Perl.
  • PSGI/Plack, the low-level superglue between Perl web application frameworks and web servers.
  • CGI, the Common Gateway Interface, for old-school web applications.

Object Oriented Perl

  • OOP, the classic way to write Object Oriented Perl code.
  • Moo, the Minimalist Object Oriented system for Perl.
  • Moose, the 'post modern' Object Oriented system for Perl.

Other Series

Projects and Collections

Code-Maven series

If you are a beginner, or would like to refresh your Perl programming knowledge, you can go over the Perl tutorial or watch the Beginner Perl Maven video course.

If you need to maintain a large piece of software written in Perl by other people in the last 5-10-15 years, that's a challenge. Especially if you did not get proper training in Perl. You are probably limited to a specific and old version of Perl. Check out, the Perl tutorial! You can probably skip the part about installing Perl, but the rest of the tutorial will be relevant for you.

Perl is often used in Test Automation. If you work in this field, or if you'd like to work in this field (it is much more fun to find bugs in other people's code than in yours :), then you can read the Perl tutorial and the series on Test Automation using Perl.

If you build new web applications - either privately or inside a company - you can start by reading the article comparing CGI, mod_perl and PSGI. From there you can go on reading the generic Perl tutorial or the articles on Mojolicious, Perl Dancer, Catalyst, PSGI/Plack, or even CGI, the Common Gateway Interface, for old-school web applications.

In the off chance you are interested in topics other than Perl, especially related to Test Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, DevOps, then you are welcome to check out the list of DevOps related training courses.

Recent Articles

Pro: Perl Tk: Keyboard and Mouse events

Showing how to create to bind keyboard an mouse events to functions in a Perl Tk based application.

Perl Tk: Keyboard and Mouse events

Supporting Perl Creators via Patreon, GitHub, and more

Creating open source code, documentation, books, videos is a lot of fun, but the creators still need to put food on the table. Some have full time jobs and do the public creation in their free time, others use time that otherwise would be sold as consulting hours.

In either case people appreciate when they have financial supporters.

This is the list of all the Perl-related authors and creators who are open to receive financial support for their contributions to the Perl Ecosystem.

Decide on some monthly budget you are willing to allocate to improve the Perl world (e.g. 10-20-30 USD/month) and the decide how do you split it up among the recipients.

Supporting Perl Creators via Patreon, GitHub, and more


The variable $^O also known as $OSNAME contains the the name of the operating system under which this copy of Perl was compiled.