The Beginner Perl Maven e-book will make it easier for you to learn Perl. It provides the first steps on your way to become a "Perl Maven".

Besides teaching the basics of the language it also helps learning best practices in creating working code.

The e-book contains more than 257 pages, 50 exercises with solution and the full "Beginner Perl Maven" training material. It is currently available in PDF format.

Reading the book and doing all the exercises will allow you to start writing useful Perl scripts and/or to maintaining existing applications.

Beginner Perl Maven book cover

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Table of Contents

  • How to install Perl, how to run scripts
  • Basic I/O
    • Printing on the screen
    • Reading from the keyboard
    • Getting rid of trailing newlines
  • Scalar values and variables
    • numbers
    • strings
    • Numerical operators
    • String operators
    • Functions for string manipulation
  • Accessing files.
    • Reading from a text file
    • Writing in a file
    • Creating log files
  • Control flow
    • Boolean operators
    • if conditional
    • while loop
    • Infinite loop
    • Loop controls
    • for and foreach loops
  • Lists and arrays (context)
  • Functions, subroutines
  • Hash (associative arrays)
  • Regular expressions, pattern matching
  • Interaction with the file system
  • Error handling
  • Using existing procedural modules
  • Using existing OOP style modules from CPAN
  • Installing modules on UNIX/Linux and on Windows systems

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