The CPAN Monitor will send details about the distributions released in the last 24 hours and filtered according to various rules. Each such rule-set is called a "subscription".

(These are some old plans that were never implemented.)

Each user can have several "subscriptions".

Each "subscription" has a "title" that will be used in the subject line of the e-mail for easy identification of the monitor.

Each "subscription" has one or more of the following rules:

  • all - (True/False.) All the recently uploaded distributions. Probably the same as the recent on MetaCPAN.
  • unique - (True/False.) Filter the distribution to include each one only once. (In case more than one version was uploaded recently.)
  • new - (True/False.) This is the first time the distribution was released. MetaCPAN also provides this.
  • modules - (A list of module names.) Include distributions that provide any of the listed modules.
  • author - (A list of PAUSE ids.) Include distributions released by any of the given authors.
  • partials - (A list of regexes.) Any disribution where either the distribution name or any of the provided modules match the given regex. The regex can currently use ^ and $ anchors and anything mathching [a-zA-Z0-9].

Use cases

  • Monitor modules you use for updates
  • Monitor all the modules that match ^Test