ISBN, International Standard Book Number is a 10-13 digit long number that can identifybooks and other publications. There are two main groups of modules:One is Business::ISBN that canhandle the ISBN number itself without any connection to central databasesand WWW::Scraper::ISBNthat, using individual drivers, can access ISBN database around the world.


Test-ISBN Check International Standard Book Numbers BDFOY 2014-10-08T06:34:02
Business-ISBN Parse and validate ISBNs BDFOY 2014-09-20T22:16:35
Business-ISBN-Data Data pack for Business::ISBN BDFOY 2014-09-22T18:32:20
WWW-Scraper-ISBN Retrieve information about books from online sources BARBIE 2015-01-26T02:06:13
AmazonDE_Driver [DEPRECATED] Search driver for the (DE) Amazon online catalog. RENEEB 2015-01-31T09:40:03
AmazonFR_Driver Search driver for the (FR) Amazon online catalog. GALAND 2007-03-15T16:42:02
Amazon_Driver Search drivers for the Amazon online catalog. BARBIE 2014-11-01T02:06:17
BarnesNoble_Driver Search driver for the Barnes and Noble online book catalog BARBIE 2014-12-25T02:06:40
Blackwell_Driver Search driver for Blackwell's online book catalog BARBIE 2014-11-03T02:05:23
BookDepository_Driver Search driver for The Book Depository online book catalog BARBIE 2015-02-27T02:07:03
Bookstore_Driver Search driver for The Bookstore online book catalog BARBIE 2014-12-24T02:06:07
Booktopia_Driver Search driver for the Booktopia online book catalog BARBIE 2015-03-11T07:55:52
Foyles_Driver Search driver for the Foyles online book catalog BARBIE 2015-02-25T02:07:27
GoogleBooks_Driver Search driver for Google Books online book catalog BARBIE 2015-02-05T02:06:06
ISBNdb_Driver Search driver for the online book catalog BARBIE 2014-11-17T02:05:56
ISBNnu_Driver Search driver for the online book catalog BARBIE 2014-11-18T02:05:36
LOC_Driver Search driver for the Library of Congress' online catalog for book information BARBIE 2014-11-19T02:05:48
LibUniIt_Driver Driver for WWW::Scraper::ISBN that searches LUCHA 2007-06-23T11:07:45
LibUniverIt_Driver Driver for WWW::Scraper::ISBN that searches, largely based on code by Angelo Lucia. MARCOG 2009-12-04T16:53:46
ORA_Driver Search driver for the O'Reilly & Associates' online catalog BARBIE 2014-11-29T02:06:02
OpenLibrary_Driver Search driver for the OpenLibrary online book catalog BARBIE 2014-11-28T02:05:58
Pearson_Driver Search driver for the Pearson Education online book catalog BARBIE 2015-02-06T02:07:08
PickABook_Driver Search driver for the Pick-A-Book online book catalog BARBIE 2014-12-09T02:06:33
Siciliano_Driver Search driver for Siciliano's online catalog. JOENIO 2007-11-09T16:29:24
TWApexbook_Driver Search driver for TWApexbook's online catalog. IJLIAO 2007-05-01T05:56:01
TWBooks_Driver Search driver for TWBooks' online catalog. IJLIAO 2007-05-02T13:27:08
TWCwbook_Driver Search driver for TWCwbook's online catalog. IJLIAO 2007-05-02T16:21:48
TWEslitebooks_Driver Search driver for TWEslitebooks' online catalog. IJLIAO 2007-05-03T10:01:54
TWKingstone_Driver Search driver for TWKingstone's online catalog. IJLIAO 2007-05-04T10:22:44
TWPchome_Driver Search driver for TWPchome's online catalog. IJLIAO 2005-11-25T06:24:11
TWSanmin_Driver Search driver for TWSanmin's online catalog. IJLIAO 2007-05-06T07:29:44
TWSilkbook_Driver Search driver for TWSilkbook' online catalog. IJLIAO 2007-05-08T08:15:50
TWSoidea_Driver Search driver for TWSoidea's online catalog. IJLIAO 2005-11-18T07:43:11
TWSrbook_Driver Search driver for TWSrbook's online catalog. IJLIAO 2005-11-16T09:44:57
TWTenlong_Driver Search driver for TWTenlong's online catalog. IJLIAO 2005-11-17T02:18:55
TWYlib_Driver Search driver for TWYlib's online catalog. IJLIAO 2005-11-22T04:16:27
TheNile_Driver Search driver for TheNile online book catalog BARBIE 2014-12-10T02:05:55
WHSmith_Driver Search driver for the WHSmith online book catalog BARBIE 2015-03-13T07:57:57
Waterstones_Driver Search driver for the Waterstones online book catalog BARBIE 2015-04-05T15:36:46
Wheelers_Driver Search driver for the Wheelers' online book catalog BARBIE 2014-12-13T02:05:30
WordPower_Driver Search driver for Word Power online book catalog BARBIE 2014-12-19T02:06:52
Yahoo_Driver Search driver for the Yahoo Books online catalog BARBIE 2015-03-12T23:09:14