A while ago I've started to think about creating a project that could be used as a replacement for the blogs.perl.org site and as a teaching tool to show various technologies. I asked a number of people about it. Many said they think it would be too big a project and I would not be able to get enought people supporting it. They might be right.

Since then there was also a small movement agains having a shared blogging platform for Perl, so maybe I should not get in this project.

In any case, let me publish here a few notes I made as minimal requirements.

In case I, or someone else will like to pick up the idea later on.

  • Authenticate with fixed usernames and passwords.
  • Edit page. Page can be saved on disk.
  • Accept free text escape any less than sign.
  • Accept markdown.
  • Embed videos.
  • Upload images and show them.
  • Archive of posts.
  • Global RSS feed for new posts.
  • Global RSS feed for everything, including posts and comments.
  • Individual RSS feed.
  • Admin hide post.
  • Admin disable account.
  • Commenting system with flat view.
  • Commenting system with hierarchical view.
  • Change password.
  • Reset password.
  • Register with email verification.
  • Email notifications?