It seems quite a few people who are probably new to Perl want to install the PadWalker module. Probably in order to use it with the EPIC plugin of Eclipse.

The installation should be simple but when you are new to Perl you probably don't know how to do it.

So depending on what Operating System and which Perl distribution you have, let's see the instructions:

Strawberry Perl or DWIM Perl on Windows

Strawberry Perl, comes with an already configured cpan client.

Open the Command Window (Start -> Run -> type in cmd) When you get the "DOS" prompt type in cpan PadWalker. Please note, module names are case sensitive, so typing cpan padwalker or cpan Padwalker will not work!

c:> cpan PadWalker


There is a graphical tool for this as well, but it might be more simple just to open the Command Window (Start -> Run -> type cmd). When you get the "DOS" prompt, type in ppm install PadWalker. Please note, this is case sensitive!

c:> ppm install PadWalker

Debian/Ubuntu Linux

If you have root rights then probably the best is to install from the package management system of your Linux distribution.

You can use either aptitude or apt-get depending on your persona preferences:

$ sudo apt-get install libpadwalker-perl

$ sudo aptitude install libpadwalker-perl

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions with cpanm below.

RedHat/CentOS Linux

Using the package management system:

$ sudo yum install PadWalker

Alternatively, you can follow the instructions with cpanm below.


Follow the instructions with cpanm below.

Using cpanm

This is for Linux and OSX systems:

First, if you don't have it installed yet, then install cpan minus by typing

$ \curl -L | perl - App::cpanminus

Once it is installed type:

$ cpanm PadWalker

If you still have questions, please ask them below!