In the future, the Perl Maven Cookbook will have hundreds of examples with explanation on how to accomplish various tasks.

In the future, it will probably cost around $40 to get an electronic version of this cookbook.

In the meantime we are in the process of building it and you can get a copy free-of charge. More than that. You can actually help building it by sending ideas and comments on the existing examples.

The current edition has the following examples:

  • Create Linux/Unix user account - a wrapper around adduser
  • Reporting file system diskspace usage like df
  • Reporting diskspace usage on a mail server
  • A du like script
  • Send files by e-mail
  • Read Excel file
  • Process file with fixed width records
  • Process file with multi-line records
  • Process multi field csv file
  • Fetch web page
  • Generate web page (CGI)
  • Parse XML file
  • Database access using DBI and DBD::SQLite
  • Accessing and LDAP server using Net::LDAP
  • Tie::File

Added to 0.02

  • How to read a CSV file using Perl? (Added in 0.02)
  • How to create an Excel file with Perl (added in 0.02)
  • Reading from LDAP in Perl using Net::LDAP (added in 0.02)

One of them even has detailed explanation.

Currently only people registered to the Perl Maven newsletter will get the cookbook.


What do people say?

Just wanted to say thanks for the cookbook. It looks like a great start on a very useful resource indeed. There are a couple of recipes in there that I can see immediate use for in some stuff I'm doing right now. - Richard Thomas