POD is the format the documentation of Perl and every Perl modules is written.

There are many tools parsing them, extracting information and converting them to other formats.


Pod::Simple, framework for parsing Pod.

Test::Pod check for POD errors in files.

Pod::Weaver weave together a Pod document from an outline.

Pod::Perldoc Look up Perl documentation in Pod format. (This is what the perldoc command uses.)

Pod::Html convert pod files to HTML (part of Perl core. provides the pod2html command).


(not categorized yet)


Pod::Tree can create a syntax tree from POD file. Looks interesting though it had not seen a new release since 2010.

Pod::S5 Generate S5 slideshow from POD source.

Pod::Perldoc::ToToc Translate Pod to a Table of Contents.

Pod::POM, POD Object Model needs a new maintainer.

Pod::Man Convert POD data to formatted *roff input.

Pod::XML Module to convert POD to XML. No version since 2007.

Pod::Hlp convert POD data to formatted VMS HLP Help module text. No new release since 2001. Pod::Pdf A POD to PDF translator. No version since 2000. There are probably better solutions.

Pod::Tests Extracts embedded tests and code examples from POD.

Pod::SAX a SAX parser for Pod.

Tk::Pod Pod browser toplevel widget for Perl/Tk.

Pod::Loom Weave pseudo-POD into real POD.

Pod::Parser base class for creating POD filters and translators. This module is considered legacy; modern Perl releases (5.18 and higher) are going to remove Pod-Parser from core and use Pod-Simple for all things POD. Pod::Find find POD documents in directory trees (part of Pod::Parser).

Pod::Spell a formatter for spellchecking Pod

Pod::CYOA Pod-based Choose Your Own Adventure website generator

Pod::PXML Convert between POD and XML. (no release since 2004)

Pod::Help Perl module to automate POD display.

Pod::LaTeX Convert Pod data to formatted Latex.

LaTeX::Pod Transform LaTeX source files to POD.

Pod::Index Index and search PODs using X<> entries.

Pod::PP POD pre-processor - has not seen any release for ages. It is based on Pod::Parser which itself is considered legacy code.

Pod::Rtf, convert pod documentation to Rich Text Format (rtf) suitable for compilation by a Windows Help compiler.

Lip::Pod Literate Perl to POD conversion.

Pod::Cats The POD-like markup language written for podcats.in

Pod::Site Build browsable HTML documentation for your app.

Pod::L10N Pod with L10N.

Pod::Wrap Wrap pod paragraphs, leaving verbatim text and code alone. (no release since 2004.) based on Pod::Parser.

Pod::Stripper strip all pod, and output what's left. (no release since 2002)

Pod::WSDL Creates WSDL documents from (extended) pod.

Pod::Trac Convert a POD to trac's wiki syntax and add it to the trac. (no release since 2007)

Pod::Tidy reformatting Pod Processor.

Pod::HTML Translate POD into HTML file (from 1996)

POD Best Practices

Read perlpod and perlpodstyle.