I have a list of bits as below:


I want to split them to path and bit like that:

/ab_c/def/g_hi           [1]
/asd/f_gh/qwe/rty      [2][3]
/zxc/vbn/nmp_w        [4][7][8]

I tried:

while (my $line = <$fh>) {
    my @path_splited =  $line =~ /(.*)(\[.*$)/;

    foreach my $n (@path_splited) {
        print "$n\n";

got the below capturing format:

/ab_c/def/g_hi               [1]      --this is good
/asd/f_gh/qwe/rty[2]      [3]       --this is bad
/zxc/vbn/nmp_w[4][7]    [8]      --this is bad

looks like the second () captures only the last match.

Is there a way to tell Perl to catch the maximal match instead of the minimal?


Use this regex:


Taking this apart there are two group: ([^\[]*) and (\[.*$).

The first on captures any character that is not an open square bracket. (This is the [^\[] character-class. We apply the * quantifier to it so it will be able to capture 0 or more characters. Effectively capturing everything up-to but not including the first opening square bracket.

The second expression captures an opening square bracket \[ and every other character following that .*.

Then whatever they captured will be in $1 and $2 respectively.