Creating open source code, documentation, books, videos is a lot of fun, but the creators still need to put food on the table. Some have full time jobs and do the public creation in their free time, others use time that otherwise would be sold as consulting hours.

In either case people appreciate when they have financial supporters.

This is the list of all the Perl-related authors and creators who are open to receive financial support for their contributions to the Perl Ecosystem.

Decide on some monthly budget you are willing to allocate to improve the Perl world (e.g. 10-20-30 USD/month) and then decide how do you split it up among the recipients.

In abc order:

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a service where you can give a monthly donation to your favorite creator. Donations can be as low as $1 / month.

What is GitHub Sponsors?

GitHub Sponsors is a way that allows you to support Open Source developers. (It isn't available in every country yet.)