When you maintain a Perl distribution that has several modules, one approach to handle the version numbers of the modules in the distribution is to always set the to the same number. This means you might update the versiion number of a file even if you have not changed it, but it makes it a lot easier to know from which distrbution does a file come from.

Manualy updating all the files is a waste of time.

The Perl::Version module can help you setting the version using one command.

For this to work you need to install the Perl::Version module.

cpanm Perl::Version

that unfortunately, as of version 1.013 it does not automatically install the sample script. So you'll also need to dowmload that.

Visit Perl::Version, find the "Dawnload" link and download the tar.gz file. Unizp it using tar xzf ... and then copy the perl-version file from the examples directory.

The following command will also work, at least as long as version 1.013 is on CPAN.

wget https://fastapi.metacpan.org/source/BDFOY/Perl-Version-1.013/examples/perl-reversion

Made the perl-version file executable:

chmod +x perl-version

And tried to run it:


$ ./perl-reversion --bump-version
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/PerlMap.pm 1.25
Scanning META.yml 1.17
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/HTML/PerlTop.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/HTML/LinkMap.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/PerlTop.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/PerlBin.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/StrStream.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/PerlFunc.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/PerlDist.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/HTML.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/PerlPod.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/PerlUtil.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/BitBucket.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/Pod.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/Stream.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/Node.pm 1.25
Scanning lib/Pod/Tree/PerlLib.pm 1.25
Scanning README 2
Found versions 1.17, 1.25 and 2. Please use
the --current option to specify the current version