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Recent Articles

MetaCPAN and the CPAN Testers

Every CPAN module comes with uint-tests. When you install a module the tests are executed. You can configure your cpan client to send this report to the CPAN Tester who will collect and display the reports. Meta CPAN displays the total number of test reports for each CPAN distribution.

MetaCPAN and the CPAN Testers

How to build perl from source on Linux

Most Linux distributions come with a version of perl, which is often referred as system perl. For certain tasks and in certain cases that's exactly what you need, but there are cases when it's better to build your own copy of Perl. For example, you might want to use a different version of perl than the one supplied by yoru vendor. Or you need a threaded (or a non-threaded) version. Something different from what the vendor of the operating system supplies.

There are even some Linux distributions that by default don't come with perl. For example the CentOS 5.10 system provided by Digital Ocean does not come with Perl preinstalled.

You could install it using yum install perl, but instead of that's let's see how can we compile perl from source. As we would not want to assume an existing installation of Perl, we cannot use Perlbrew.

How to build perl from source on Linux

Pro: Test::Builder object

As we saw earlier, Test::Builder is the backbone of the testing framework of Perl. The Test::Simple, Test::More are built on top of this module and there hundreds of other modules in the Test::* namespace on CPAN that use this same back-end. All those modules provide extra testing functionality.

Though actually there are a few modules in the Test:: namespace that are not "testing modules" in the same way as the the ones we are talking about here, but the majority can be loaded in any test script and the majority provide extra testing functions.

As we create is_any, other created lot os other such functions and modules.

Test::Builder object

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