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Recent Articles

Memory usage and load time of Moose, Moo, and Class::Accessor

The other day I wrote about checking the memory usage of a Perl script. In that article we saw the memory footprint of some simple data, but have not looked at modules. Let's see how can we check the memory footprint and load time of modules.

Especially interesting are Moo and Moose, the two main object systems of Perl, and Class::Accessor that used to be a big hit before Moose came on the scene.

Memory usage and load time of Moose, Moo, and Class::Accessor

Pro: Add another static page

So far we've copied the look-and-feel from, but the only page we serve is the main page of the site. Let's add another static page to see if there are any challenges. We are going to add the feedback page of

Add another static page

Length of an array in Perl

In Perl the length function is only used for strings (scalars). In order to get the length of an array use the scalar function.

Length of an array in Perl

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