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Recent Articles

Pro: Rename the SCO cloning project

Once I started to work on the project I quickly realized that calling the project 'sco' and calling the perl module implementing it 'SCO.pm' is not a good idea. As this implementation is going to use the MetaCPAN API as its back-end, I thought it might better to call it MetaCPAN::SCO. And thus I had to rename the already existing parts of the project.

Rename the SCO cloning project

Pro: Add some acceptance tests using search.cpan.org

The plan is, that I am going to write a lot of tests accessing the live search.cpan.org web site and use those tests as a suite of acceptance tests for the search.cpan.org clone project.

Add some acceptance tests using search.cpan.org

search.cpan.org: Authors, Recent, FAQ, Feedback

search.cpan.org is the older interface to everything on CPAN. In this screencast we go over some of the features of the web site, specifically the list of authors, the recent page, the FAQ and the Feedback page.

This screencast serves both as a tool to help you get the most out of search.cpan.org and as a tool to create a specification for the search.cpan.org cloning project.

search.cpan.org: Authors, Recent, FAQ, Feedback

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