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Numerical operators

Just as in most of the other programming languages, Perl too has the basic numeric operators: + for addition, - for negation, * for multiplication, / for division:

Numerical operators

Conditional statements: if

So far in the tutorial each statement got executed one after the other. There are cases when want to execute certain statements only if some condition is met. If the expression evaluates to "true".

The if statement is used for this task.

Conditional statements: if

How does the world wide web work?

A short overview of "the web" or "the Internet" as some people call it.

For the more technically oriented: "the Internet" is the interconnected network of devices (computers, mobile phones, tablets, routers, modems etc.) "The web" is the subset of "the Internet" that is usually reachable via the protocol http or https and is generally seen in a "browser".

How does the world wide web work?

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