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Recent Articles

Introduction to Regexes in Perl 5

Regular Expressions, or Regexes or regexp as some people like to call, are an integral part of the Perl programming languages. Other languages and other tools also provide regex support but there are a number of differences.

Introduction to Regexes in Perl 5

Pro: Organizing a test script with subtests

As our test script grows we face several issues.

One is that most humans cannot count more than 10. So when the number of test-units passes that number we will constantly make mistakes of the number of tests and soon will will give it up, using a solution such as no_plan.

Organizing a test script with subtests

MetaCPAN and the CPAN Testers

Every CPAN module comes with unit-tests. When you install a module the tests are executed. You can configure your cpan client to send this report to the CPAN Tester who will collect and display the reports. Meta CPAN displays the total number of test reports for each CPAN distribution.

MetaCPAN and the CPAN Testers

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