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Recent Articles

Length of an array in Perl

In Perl the length function is only used for strings (scalars). In order to get the length of an array use the scalar function.

Length of an array in Perl

Pro: Show CPANstats on every page

Now that we have these generic stats on our system, we should replace the hard-coded numbers we have on the front page. As we know these numbers will have to be displayed on every page, we don't add it to the code that displays only the main page. Instead we add our code to the template() function that will be called for every page.

Show CPANstats on every page

Simple timestamp generation using POSIX strftime in Perl

Very often I need to add a timestamp to some log file, or create a file based on a the current date. There are plenty of really good modules on CPAN to handle dates and times, that can help creating these timestamps, but this time I am going to use the strftime function of the standard POSIX module.

Simple timestamp generation using POSIX strftime in Perl

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