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Recent Articles

Does the 'all' function of List::MoreUtils really short-circuit?

The other day, someone on a mailing list asked how to check several regexes on many strings. In that article I recommended the use of the all function of List::MoreUtils as a more compact way to write that code, but the question remained: Does it short-circuit?

Will that check all the values even if after checking two it already knows the answer?

Does the 'all' function of List::MoreUtils really short-circuit?

Pro: Serving static files such as favicon.ico and robots.txt using Plack

The look-and-feel as we created earlier is not full without the favicon.ico file that will appear on the tab in some of the browsers. We can easily download the favicon.ico from, the question how can we serve it? Do we need to write extra code for serving a static file?

What about robots.txt which is another, usually static file. How can we serve that file?

Serving static files such as favicon.ico and robots.txt using Plack

CGI - Common Gateway Interface

The Common Gateway Interface - also known as CGI - is a language agnostic way to create dynamic web sites. It was the first technology that enabled web sites to move beyond static pages.

In the early years of the web almost all the dynamic web sites using CGI were written in Perl. Therefore many people still associate CGI with Perl even though CGI can be used with any programming language.

CGI - Common Gateway Interface

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