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Recent Articles

search.cpan.org Authors, Recent, FAQ, Feedback

search.cpan.org is the older interface to everything on CPAN. In this screencast we go over some of the features of the web site, specifically the list of authors, the recent page, the FAQ and the Feedback page.

These screencast serve both as tool to help you get the most out of search.cpan.org and as a tool to create a specification for the search.cpan.org cloning project.

search.cpan.org Authors, Recent, FAQ, Feedback

MetaCPAN URLs and Issues

MetaCPAN has a standard URL scheme. After the domain name we can type pod/ and then the name of a module, for example https://metacpan.org/pod/DBIx::Class with the :: with the correct case. This will always show the documentation of the latest version of this module.

If we add release/ after the domain name and the name of a CPAN release (in the correct case and with - between the words) then we reach the most recent release of this distribution. For example: https://metacpan.org/release/DBIx-Class

MetaCPAN URLs and Issues

Pro: Getting started - Create skeleton for the SCO clone application

After writing down the objectives and some plans for the "building of a search.cpan.org clone" project, I decided to get started immediately. At this phase of the project there is such a rush of energy and I am trying to get started quickly.

Getting started - Create skeleton for the SCO clone application

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