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Recent Articles

Check several regexes on many strings

Once in a while I have to go through lines of a file that match 2, and sometimes even more regexes.

If there only two regexes: A and B, one might be tempted to combine the two something like this:


but that just create a regex that is much more complex that necessary and one that is also probably much slower.

The solution could be as simple as writing

while (my $line = <$fh>) { if ($line =~ /A/ and $line =~ /B/) { print $line; } }

But what happens if there are more than one regexes?

Check several regexes on many strings

Pro: Test without a Plan

We left the previous article with a small issue involving lack of DRY-ness.

The slight problem was, that we hard-coded the number of tests in the use Test::Simple tests => 5; expression. If we now add a new test-entry to the @cases array, we have to remember to update the test plan as well.

Not a big issue, but we as programmers are supposed to avoid any such repetition. So how can we do that?

Test without a Plan

Finding all Plack Middleware or Perl::Critic Policies

Recently I was working on a patch for MetaCPAN, but then it turned out that I don't need to implement it as it is already working. I wanted to be able to list all the modules within a namespace. Apparently it is very easy. I only need to prefix my search with module:

Finding all Plack Middleware or Perl::Critic Policies

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