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Recent Articles

Fetching data from YouTube using Perl

As I am trying to follow how my screencasts are doing on YouTube I keep visiting the web site checking out the number of subscribers and the number of views of the videos. It's getting a bit boring so I thought I should automate it.

Fetching data from YouTube using Perl

Pro: Introducing test automation with Test::Simple

Let's start by understanding the concept of automated unit test.

Introducing test automation with Test::Simple

Pro: Mocking function to fake environment

How can we test an application that makes calles to some external system, for example needs to access a website or a web-base API? We can hit the external system for every test-run, but that will probably slow down our testing, might get us banned from the web site, but maybe most importantly (for the tester), the test will be unreliable. In addition, it will be impossible to test cases when the external web site returns some error condition.

Let's try a simple example in which we fetch a web page and count specific strings.

Mocking function to fake environment

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