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Recent Articles

Pro: Logging in modules with Log4perl the easy way

In the previous article we saw how we can get started logging with Log::Log4perl in a script. This time we'll see the example extended to a module.

Logging in modules with Log4perl the easy way

The 11 Most useful Perl sites

It must be the age, or the lack of frequent use of some of the sites, but I keep forgetting some URLs.

I think I'd better collect here a bunch of URLs that are important for my use of Perl.

Some of them I use daily and thus I don't really need to remind myself, but can be useful for others to have. Some others are heavily linked from MetaCPAN and that's how I get to them.

And then there are a few that I rarely use, but when I need them it would be handy to have them in one place.

The 11 Most useful Perl sites

Pro: Logging with Log4perl the easy way

Logging can be very useful for finding problems in a running application. It can be also very useful for people who are not familiar with an application or a module who want to learn how the code works maybe in order to fix a bug or add a feature.

Log::Log4perl is a complex module for logging with lots of knobs to fiddle with, but there is an easy way to get started using it.

Logging with Log4perl the easy way

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