A series of articles about testing, and test automation using Perl.


  1. TAP - Test Anything Protocol
  2. Testing a simple Perl module (Test::Simple)
  3. Test for warnings in a Perl Module (__WARN__, Test::Warn)
  4. Testing a tree data structure in Perl (Test::Deep)
  5. Testing for no warnings in Perl
  6. Self testing Perl modules using the Modulino concept
  7. Testing Perl CGI

Test Automation using Perl screencasts

  1. Introducing test automation with Test::Simple
  2. Test plan and test descriptions
  3. Refactoring large test suite - separating data from code
  4. Test without a Plan
  5. Separating test data from test code
  6. prove, the harness
  7. Moving over to Test::More (is, isnt)
  8. Test diagnostic messages using diag, note, and explain
  9. TODO - testing a bug or a future feature
  10. Using like to test without exact values
  11. Testing timeout with cmp_ok
  12. Comparing complex data-structures using is_deeply
  13. Forget your plan, just call done_testing
  14. Multiple expected values - testing dice
  15. Implementing 'is_any' to test multiple expected values
  16. Creating a testing module
  17. Test::Builder object
  18. Organizing a test script with subtests
  19. Test for expected warnings
  20. ---
  21. Add some acceptance tests using search.cpan.org
  22. What is the status of the current test script?
  23. Mocking a function to fake environment
  24. Testing sessions by mocking time
  25. Testing a simple TCP/IP server using Net::Telnet
  26. ---
  27. Moose: Testing the constructor


  1. Getting started testing Perl module with Test2li>
  2. Test2 capture warningsli>


  1. Interview with Chad (Exodist) Granum, author of the Fennec testing tool
  2. Interview with Michael Schwern on test automation and Git