A series of articles about testing, and test automation using Perl.


  1. TAP - Test Anything Protocol
  2. Testing a simple Perl module (Test::Simple)
  3. Test for warnings in a Perl Module (__WARN__, Test::Warn)
  4. Testing a tree data structure in Perl (Test::Deep)
  5. Testing for no warnings in Perl
  6. Self testing Perl modules using the Modulino concept
  7. Testing Perl CGI


  1. Interview with Chad (Exodist) Granum, author of the Fennec testing tool
  2. Interview with Michael Schwern on test automation and Git

Test Automation using Perl screencasts

  1. Introducing test automation with Test::Simple
  2. Test plan and test descriptions
  3. Refactoring large test suite - separating data from code
  4. Test without a Plan
  5. Separating test data from test code
  6. prove, the harness
  7. Moving over to Test::More (is, isnt)
  8. Test diagnostic messages using diag, note, and explain
  9. TODO - testing a bug or a future feature
  10. Using like to test without exact values
  11. Testing timeout with cmp_ok
  12. Comparing complex data-structures using is_deeply
  13. Forget your plan, just call done_testing
  14. Multiple expected values - testing dice
  15. Implementing 'is_any' to test multiple expected values
  16. Creating a testing module
  17. Test::Builder object
  18. Organizing a test script with subtests
  19. Test for expected warnings
  20. ---
  21. Add some acceptance tests using search.cpan.org
  22. What is the status of the current test script?
  23. Mocking a function to fake environment
  24. Testing sessions by mocking time
  25. Testing a simple TCP/IP server using Net::Telnet
  26. ---
  27. Moose: Testing the constructor