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Recent Articles

Cloud automation at Digital Ocean using Perl

Digital Ocean is awesome. Not only can you get a Linux machine for $5/month, but you can even pay them by the hour. That means you can rent a Virtual machine with 16Gb memory and 8 cores for an hour and pay only $0.238. That can be great to test something or to use the machine to build your project.

Not only that, but they will even give you some money back if you use the affiliate link.

In this article you'll see a number of examples to automatically create a DigitalOcean Droplet using a Perl script.

Cloud automation at Digital Ocean using Perl

Pro: TODO - testing a bug or a future feature

So far we kept running a test script that always failed because the application had a bug. This of course will happen in the real world too. You get a bug report. In order to verify it, you write a test-case reproducing the situation. This test case will fail. Many times you can't immediately get the bug fixed. Either because the programmer who needs to fix the bug is not available, or there are more urgent tasks.

The question what do you do now?

TODO - testing a bug or a future feature

Using Travis-CI and installing Geo::IP on Linux and OSX

Since the article published by Neil Bowers on using Travis CI for CPAN distributions I fell in love with the service. It provides early feedback when I break something, and makes me pay more attention to the changes I make. I just wish they had more platforms available.

Anyway, one of my applications uses Geo::IP. I keep having problems installing it on my own machines and when I turned Travis-CI on for this particular distribution everything broke.

Luckily, after 2 hours of fighting I think I managed to establish the correct procedure.

Using Travis-CI and installing Geo::IP on Linux and OSX

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