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Recent Articles

Pro: Comparing complex data-structures using is_deeply

So far we compared single scalar values to some expected value. What if your function returns an array, a hash, or a multi-dimensional data structure consisting of lots of arrays and hashes? How can you compare that to some expected data structure?

Test::More provides the is_deeply function for this.

Comparing complex data-structures using is_deeply

Short-circuit in boolean expressions

Short-circuit means that an expression returns a value before evaluating all the parts in the expression. There are several areas where this can apply. Here we take a look at boolean expressions. Statements with and, or, and not keywords combined.

When there is a complex boolean expression Perl will execute it according to the Operator Precedence and Associativity, and will return some kind of a true or false value.

If it finds the final answer before it calculated the whole expression, it will return immediately.

Short-circuit in boolean expressions

CPAN, mcpan, MetaCPAN

Searching for a Perl module on Google will most probably lead you to a page on search.cpan.org, the old front-end of CPAN. By typing the letter 'm' in front of cpan.org in the URL, you can easily switch to MetaCPAN.

CPAN, mcpan, MetaCPAN

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