Having a lot of clear documentation for a CPAN module is awesome, but looking at a wall of text while reading it can be a bit boring.

Luckily both MetaCPAN and search.cpan.org.

First let's link to few examples:

Including images in MetaCPAN

Including images on search.cpan.org

As Ether pointed out on the related blogs.perl.org post, grep.cpan.me can list a bunch of modules that might have some embedded HTML in their POD.

So how can this be done?

Let's look at the source code of Char::Clicker.

It has the following section:

=begin HTML

<p><img src="http://gphat.github.com/chart-clicker/static/images/examples/line.png"
width="500" height="250" alt="Line Chart" /></p>

=end HTML

That's all we need to include in the POD of the module.

The images are served from a Github page.

Actually Chart::Clicker has its own site hosted on a Github page. It is very easy to create such a Github page for your project. Just follow the instructions. There you can include add the images

In the source code of SVG the example is slightly different:

=for HTML <p><img src="https://szabgab.com/img/SVG/circle.png" alt="SVG example circle" /></p>

Here the image is actually served from my own personal domain.