When searching in CPAN, I prefer to use MetaCPAN over search.cpan.org because it looks better, and because it is open source. If there is a bug that really bothers me, I can send a patch. If I want to add a feature, I can do that. If is accepted by the developers, then everyone will benefit from it, but I could even run a private instance of MetaCPAN.

Nevertheless, there are many cases when I use Google or DuckDuckGo when looking for a solution. In many cases they will provide a link to search.cpan.org. Almost never to MetaCPAN.

Given that link, how can we easily jump to the respective page on MetaCPAN?

It's easy

If after searching Google or DuckDuckGo, you reach a URL on search.cpan.org, something like this, you can add the letter m in-front of the word cpan in the URL to have this link that will redirect you to the respective page on MetaCPAN.

This is the change you need to make in the URL:


I did not remember this, but apparently Dave Cross wrote about this already, and even showed a Firefox plugin that will do this automatically for you.