The other day I wrote about the possibility to list modules in a given namespace using the module: prefix.

As it turns out there are more such prefixes that can be used.

There is even a ticket discussing how to make those more accessible to the users.

While that discussion goes on, let me show a few examples:


Filter by module name:

module:Plack::Middleware - list all the modules in the given namespace.

module:Plack::Middleware Oauth Search for Oauth in the given namespace.

module:Middleware search for all the Middleware. Apparently the module: prefix matches any full part of the module names. (Hint: searching for module:iddleware does not bring any results.)


Filter by distribution:

distribution:Dancer auth search for auth in the Dancer distribution.


module:Dancer auth search for auth in the modules with Dancer in their name.

distribution:Dancer-Plugin-Auth-CAS auth search in the Dancer-Plugin-Auth-CAS distribution.


module:Dancer::Plugin auth search in all the modules in the Dancer::Plugins namespace.


Filter by author:

author:SONGMU All the modules by author SONGMU.

author:SONGMU Redis - all the Redis related modules by author SONGMU.


Filter by version number:

version:0.01 all the (I think distributions) with version number 0.01.

version:0.1 similar for 0.1

There are a few strange modules with version:12, version:14, and even version:100.

Some wildcards can be also used: version:5.* or include a bit more results: version:5* or only one digit (character) after the dot: version:5.?

Combined prefixes

You can also combine these meta-searches

author:RJBS version:0.0*

module:Dancer author:TLINDEN.

What other interesting search can you come up with?

(Hint, in this ticket there are links explaining the valid prefixes and the valid special characters.