Markua is a Magical Typewriter. It is a Markdown-inspired format to write books. It was created by Peter Armstrong and used by LeanPub for writing books.

In this project I am going to create a Markua parser in Perl 5, or at least I start doing it and will implement enough of it so I can start writing the Perl Maven articles in Markua. That will allow me to easily include Perl Maven articles in an eBook published on LeanPub. For example to create the eBook of the Perl Maven Tutorial or to create the Markua Parser in Perl 5 eBook

The first few articles are available to everyone. The rest of the articles are only available to Perl Maven Pro subscribers and to readers of the Markua Parser in Perl 5 eBook.

  1. Start writing the Markua parser in Perl - h1 tag
  2. Creating Makefile.PL and a CPAN distribution for the Markua Parser
  3. Travis-CI for the Markua Parser project
  4. Add test coverage reporting with Coveralls to Markua Parser in Perl
  5. Enable Appveyor (CI on Windows) for the Perl 5 Markua Parser
  6. Process the 6 headers of Markua
  7. Refactor test cases of the Markua Parser in Perl 5
  8. Collecting errors while parsing Markua in Perl 5 - disregarding empty rows
  9. Get Coveralls to notify when test-coverage shrinks
  10. Consider everything not recognizable as a paragraph in Markua
  11. Markua resources: Include files
  12. Generate test expectations for the Markua parser
  13. Parse bulleted list in Markua
  14. Parse numbered list in Markua
  15. Release the Markua::Parser to CPAN
  16. Add attributes to Markua - round 1
  17. Test coverage report with Devel::Cover for the Markua Parser
  18. Add more tests to the Markua parser