Perl::Critic is configurable lint-like static analyzer for Perl that can provide recommendations how to improve your code andcan even locate code snippets that are sources of common errors. It has a base library that provides the engine and a large set ofpolicies (things to be checked). In addition there are a number of distributions on CPAN that provide further policies.

In this article we collect all the CPAN distributions related to Perl::Critic and all the policies available.



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Perl-Critic Critique Perl source code for best-practices. THALJEF 2015-03-03T05:40:47
Perl-Critic-Lax policies that let you slide on common exceptions RJBS 2014-07-11T03:41:56
Perl-Critic-Tics policies for things that make me wince RJBS 2014-07-28T19:26:56
Perl-Critic-More Supplemental policies for Perl::Critic THALJEF 2013-10-29T16:43:05
Perl-Critic-Lokku A collection of Perl::Critic policies from Lokku FLIMM 2015-03-02T16:47:32
Perl-Critic-Swift A set of additional policies for Perl::Critic. ELLIOTJS 2008-05-04T00:41:35
Perl-Critic-Git Bond git and Perl::Critic to blame the right people for violations. AUBERTG 2014-04-21T03:18:51
Perl-Critic-Bangs Perl::Critic::Bangs - A collection of policies for Perl::Critic PETDANCE 2012-08-20T20:02:43
Perl-Critic-Moose Policies for Perl::Critic concerned with using Moose DROLSKY 2015-05-31T17:16:12
Perl-Critic-Itch Perl::Critic::Itch - A collection of Policies to solve some Itches MARCELO 2009-05-30T23:56:12
Perl-Critic-Pulp Some add-on policies for Perl::Critic. KRYDE 2015-03-07T08:21:45
Perl-Critic-Nits policies of nits I like to pick. KCOWGILL 2007-09-14T22:09:08
Perl-Critic-Dynamic Dynamic policies for Perl::Critic. THALJEF 2010-09-30T22:07:27
Perl-Critic-RENEEB A collection of handy Perl::Critic policies RENEEB 2015-02-23T20:01:57
Perl-Critic-logicLAB Perl::Critic policies implemented and used by logicLAB JONASBN 2014-08-08T19:20:39
Perl-Critic-Storable policy for MATTD 2008-08-11T09:02:00
Perl-Critic-StricterSubs Perl::Critic plugin for stricter subroutine checking THALJEF 2015-02-20T18:52:59
Perl-Critic-Compatibility Policies for Perl::Critic concerned with compatibility with various versions of Perl. ELLIOTJS 2008-06-17T20:59:00
Perl-Critic-Policy-Perlsecret Prevent perlsecrets entering your codebase LANCEW 2014-09-14T20:41:25
Perl-Critic-Policy-CompileTime Find code that runs in compile-time blocks XAN 2014-09-26T20:34:02
Perl-Critic-PetPeeves-JTRAMMELL policies to prohibit/require my pet peeves JTRAMMELL 2014-04-28T19:13:24
Test-Perl-Critic Use Perl::Critic in test programs. THALJEF 2015-02-03T18:45:55
Perl-Critic-Deprecated Policies and modules that were formerly included with Perl::Critic itself, but which have been superseded by others. THALJEF 2013-10-29T16:43:17
Perl-Critic-OTRS A collection of handy Perl::Critic policies RENEEB 2015-01-25T08:27:30
Perl-Critic-Policy-CodeLayout-ProhibitSpaceIndentation Use tabs instead of spaces for indentation. IXA 2012-10-04T23:30:39
Perl-Critic-Policy-CodeLayout-TabIndentSpaceAlign Use tabs for indenting, spaces for aligning. AUBERTG 2014-06-09T07:06:32
Perl-Critic-Policy-Dynamic-NoIndirect Perl::Critic policy against indirect method calls. VPIT 2011-08-25T14:55:26
Perl-Critic-Policy-References-ProhibitComplexDoubleSigils allow $$foo XENU 2015-03-14T21:17:38
Perl-Critic-Policy-ValuesAndExpressions-PreventSQLInjection Prevent SQL injection in interpolated strings. AUBERTG 2014-04-21T03:30:39
Perl-Critic-Policy-Variables-ProhibitUnusedVarsStricter Critique unused variables in Perl source WYANT 2014-12-12T16:04:02
Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-ModuleBlacklist blacklist modules you want to prohibit use of JONASBN 2014-08-28T15:53:27
Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-ProhibitShellDispatch simple policy prohibiting dispatching to shell JONASBN 2014-01-24T20:36:34
Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-ProhibitUseLib simple policy prohibiting the use of 'use lib' JONASBN 2014-02-27T14:56:27
Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-RequirePackageNamePattern simple policy for enforcing a package naming policy JONASBN 2014-03-09T16:12:12
Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-RequireParamsValidate simple policy for enforcing use of Params::Validate JONASBN 2014-03-05T21:34:18
Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-RequireSheBang simple policy asserting she bang line JONASBN 2014-08-11T19:31:04
Perl-Critic-Policy-logicLAB-RequireVersionFormat a simple policy enforcing strict version formatting JONASBN 2014-08-11T19:35:06


Name Severity Abstract
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitBooleanGrep 5 Use List::MoreUtils::any instead of grep in boolean context.
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitComplexMappings 5 Map blocks should have a single statement.
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitLvalueSubstr 5 Use 4-argument substr instead of writing substr($foo, 2, 6) = $bar.
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitReverseSortBlock 5 Forbid $b before $a in sort blocks.
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitSleepViaSelect 5 Use Time::HiRes instead of something like select(undef, undef, undef, .05).
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitStringyEval 5 Write eval { my $foo; bar($foo) } instead of eval "my $foo; bar($foo);".
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitStringySplit 5 Write split /-/, $string instead of split '-', $string.
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUniversalCan 5 Write < eval { $foo-can($name) } >> instead of UNIVERSAL::can($foo, $name).
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUniversalIsa 5 Write < eval { $foo-isa($pkg) } >> instead of UNIVERSAL::isa($foo, $pkg).
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitUselessTopic 5 Don't pass $_ to built-in functions that assume it, or to most filetest operators.
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitVoidGrep 5 Don't use grep in void contexts.
BuiltinFunctions::ProhibitVoidMap 5 Don't use map in void contexts.
BuiltinFunctions::RequireBlockGrep 5 Write grep { /$pattern/ } @list instead of grep /$pattern/, @list.
BuiltinFunctions::RequireBlockMap 5 Write map { /$pattern/ } @list instead of map /$pattern/, @list.
BuiltinFunctions::RequireGlobFunction 5 Use glob q{*} instead of <*>.
BuiltinFunctions::RequireSimpleSortBlock 5 Sort blocks should have a single statement.
ClassHierarchies::ProhibitAutoloading 5 AUTOLOAD methods should be avoided.
ClassHierarchies::ProhibitExplicitISA 5 Employ use base instead of @ISA.
ClassHierarchies::ProhibitOneArgBless 5 Write bless {}, $class; instead of just bless {};.
CodeLayout::ProhibitFatCommaNewline 5 keep a fat comma on the same line as its quoted word
CodeLayout::ProhibitHardTabs 5 Use spaces instead of tabs.
CodeLayout::ProhibitIfIfSameLine 5 don't put if after if on same line
CodeLayout::ProhibitParensWithBuiltins 5 Write open $handle, $path instead of open($handle, $path).
CodeLayout::ProhibitQuotedWordLists 5 Write qw(foo bar baz) instead of ('foo', 'bar', 'baz').
CodeLayout::ProhibitTrailingWhitespace 5 Don't use whitespace at the end of lines.
CodeLayout::RequireASCII 5 Disallow high-bit characters.
CodeLayout::RequireConsistentNewlines 5 Use the same newline through the source.
CodeLayout::RequireFinalSemicolon 5 require a semicolon at the end of code blocks
CodeLayout::RequireTidyCode 5 Must run code through perltidy.
CodeLayout::RequireTrailingCommaAtNewline 5 comma at end of list at newline
CodeLayout::RequireTrailingCommas 5 Put a comma at the end of every multi-line list declaration, including the last one.
CodeLayout::RequireUseUTF8 5 Require that all modules have a use utf8; statement.
CodeLayout::TabIndentSpaceAlign 5 Use tabs for indenting, spaces for aligning.
Compatibility::ConstantLeadingUnderscore 5 new enough "constant" module for leading underscores
Compatibility::ConstantPragmaHash 5 new enough "constant" module for multiple constants
Compatibility::Gtk2Constants 5 new enough Gtk2 version for its constants
Compatibility::ProhibitThreeArgumentOpen 5 Don't allow three-argument open unless the code uses a version of perl that supports it.
Compatibility::ProhibitUnixDevNull 5 don't use explicit /dev/null
CompileTime 4 Provide Perl::Critic support for hunting down compile-time side effects
ControlStructures::ProhibitCascadingIfElse 5 Don't write long "if-elsif-elsif-elsif-elsif...else" chains.
ControlStructures::ProhibitCStyleForLoops 5 Write for(0..20) instead of for($i=0; $i<=20; $i++).
ControlStructures::ProhibitDeepNests 5 Don't write deeply nested loops and conditionals.
ControlStructures::ProhibitLabelsWithSpecialBlockNames 5 Don't use labels that are the same as the special block names.
ControlStructures::ProhibitMutatingListFunctions 5 Don't modify $_ in list functions.
ControlStructures::ProhibitNegativeExpressionsInUnlessAndUntilConditions 5 Don't use operators like not, !~, and le within until and unless.
ControlStructures::ProhibitPostfixControls 5 Write if($condition){ do_something() } instead of do_something() if $condition.
ControlStructures::ProhibitUnlessBlocks 5 Write if(! $condition) instead of unless($condition).
ControlStructures::ProhibitUnreachableCode 5 Don't write code after an unconditional die, exit, or next.
ControlStructures::ProhibitUntilBlocks 5 Write while(! $condition) instead of until($condition).
Documentation::PodSpelling 5 Check your spelling.
Documentation::RequireEndBeforeLastPod 5 require __END__ before POD at end of file
Documentation::RequirePackageMatchesPodName 5 The =head1 NAME section should match the package.
Documentation::RequirePodAtEnd 5 All POD should be after __END__.
Documentation::RequirePodLinksIncludeText 5 Provide text to display with your pod links.
Documentation::RequirePodSections 5 Organize your POD into the customary sections.
Documentation::RequirePODUseEncodingUTF8 5 Require that all modules that contain POD have a =encoding utf8 declaration.
Dynamic::ValidateAgainstSymbolTable 5
Editor::RequireEmacsFileVariables 5 Per-file editor settings.
ErrorHandling::RequireCarping 5 Use functions from Carp instead of warn or die.
ErrorHandling::RequireCheckingReturnValueOfEval 5 You can't depend upon the value of $@/$EVAL_ERROR to tell whether an eval failed.
ErrorHandling::RequireUseOfExceptions 5 Use exceptions instead of die, croak, or confess.
InputOutput::ProhibitBacktickOperators 5 Discourage stuff like @files = `ls $directory`.
InputOutput::ProhibitBarewordFileHandles 5 Write open my $fh, q{<}, $filename; instead of open FH, q{<}, $filename;.
InputOutput::ProhibitExplicitStdin 5 Use "<>" or "" or a prompting module instead of "".
InputOutput::ProhibitInteractiveTest 5 Use prompt() instead of -t.
InputOutput::ProhibitJoinedReadline 5 Use local $/ = undef or File::Slurp instead of joined readline.
InputOutput::ProhibitOneArgSelect 5 Never write select($fh).
InputOutput::ProhibitReadlineInForLoop 5 Write < while( $line = < ){...} >> instead of < for(<){...} >>.
InputOutput::ProhibitTwoArgOpen 5 Write < open $fh, q{<}, $filename; > instead of < open $fh, "<$filename"; >.
InputOutput::RequireBracedFileHandleWithPrint 5 Write print {$FH} $foo, $bar; instead of print $FH $foo, $bar;.
InputOutput::RequireBriefOpen 5 Close filehandles as soon as possible after opening them.
InputOutput::RequireCheckedClose 5 Write < my $error = close $fh; > instead of < close $fh; >.
InputOutput::RequireCheckedOpen 5 Write < my $error = open $fh, $mode, $filename; > instead of < open $fh, $mode, $filename; >.
InputOutput::RequireCheckedSyscalls 5 Return value of flagged function ignored.
InputOutput::RequireEncodingWithUTF8Layer 5 Write < open $fh, q{<:encoding(UTF-8)}, $filename; > instead of < open $fh, q{{<:utf8}, $filename; >.
Lax::ProhibitComplexMappings::LinesNotStatements 6 prohibit multiline maps, not multistatement maps
Lax::ProhibitEmptyQuotes::ExceptAsFallback 6 empty quotes are okay as the fallback on the rhs of ||
Lax::ProhibitLeadingZeros::ExceptChmod 6 leading zeroes are okay as the first arg to chmod
Lax::ProhibitStringyEval::ExceptForRequire 6 stringy eval is bad, but it's okay just to "require"
Lax::RequireEndWithTrueConst 5 ending your package with a simple, fun true value is okay
Lax::RequireExplicitPackage::ExceptForPragmata 6 you can put strict and warnings before "package"
logicLAB::ModuleBlacklist 5 blacklist modules you want to prohibit use of
logicLAB::ProhibitShellDispatch 5 simple policy prohibiting shell dispatching
logicLAB::ProhibitUseLib 5 simple policy prohibiting the use of 'use lib'
logicLAB::RequirePackageNamePattern 5 simple policy for enforcing a package naming policy
logicLAB::RequireParamsValidate 5 simple policy for enforcing use of Params::Validate
logicLAB::RequireSheBang 5 simple policy for keeping your shebang line uniform
logicLAB::RequireVersionFormat 5 assert version number formats
Miscellanea::ProhibitFormats 5 Do not use format.
Miscellanea::ProhibitTies 5 Do not use tie.
Miscellanea::ProhibitUnrestrictedNoCritic 5 Forbid a bare ## no critic
Miscellanea::ProhibitUselessNoCritic 5 Remove ineffective "## no critic" annotations.
Miscellanea::RequireRcsKeywords 5 Put source-control keywords in every file.
Miscellanea::TextDomainPlaceholders 5 check placeholder names in Locale::TextDomain calls
Miscellanea::TextDomainUnused 5 check for Locale::TextDomain imported but unused
Modules::PerlMinimumVersion 5 Enforce backward compatible code.
Modules::ProhibitAutomaticExportation 5 Export symbols via @EXPORT_OK or %EXPORT_TAGS instead of @EXPORT.
Modules::ProhibitConditionalUseStatements 5 Avoid putting conditional logic around compile-time includes.
Modules::ProhibitEvilModules 5 Ban modules that aren't blessed by your shop.
Modules::ProhibitExcessMainComplexity 5 Minimize complexity in code that is outside of subroutines.
Modules::ProhibitModuleShebang 5 don't put a #! line at the start of a module file
Modules::ProhibitMultiplePackages 5 Put packages (especially subclasses) in separate files.
Modules::ProhibitPOSIXimport 5 don't import the whole of POSIX into a module
Modules::ProhibitUseQuotedVersion 5 avoid quoted version number string in a "use" statement
Modules::RequireBarewordIncludes 5 Write require Module instead of require ''.
Modules::RequireEndWithOne 5 End each module with an explicitly 1; instead of some funky expression.
Modules::RequireExplicitInclusion 5
Modules::RequireExplicitPackage 5 Always make the package explicit.
Modules::RequireFilenameMatchesPackage 5 Package declaration must match filename.
Modules::RequireNoMatchVarsWithUseEnglish 5 use English must be passed a -no_match_vars argument.
Modules::RequirePerlVersion 5 Require a use 5.006; or similar.
Modules::RequireVersionVar 5 Give every module a $VERSION number.
Moose::ProhibitDESTROYMethod 5 Use DEMOLISH instead of DESTROY
Moose::ProhibitMultipleWiths 5 Require role composition
Moose::ProhibitNewMethod 5 Don't override Moose's standard constructors.
Moose::RequireCleanNamespace 5 Require removing implementation details from you packages.
Moose::RequireMakeImmutable 5 Ensure that you've made your Moose code fast
NamingConventions::Capitalization 5 Distinguish different program components by case.
NamingConventions::ProhibitAmbiguousNames 5 Don't use vague variable or subroutine names like 'last' or 'record'.
NamingConventions::ProhibitMixedCaseSubs 5 Write sub my_function{} instead of sub MyFunction{}.
NamingConventions::ProhibitMixedCaseVars 5 Write $my_variable = 42 instead of $MyVariable = 42.
Objects::ProhibitIndirectSyntax 5 Prohibit indirect object call syntax.
OTRS::ProhibitDumper 5
OTRS::ProhibitFetchrowHashref 5
OTRS::ProhibitLocaltime 5
OTRS::ProhibitLowPrecedenceOps 5
OTRS::ProhibitOpen 5
OTRS::ProhibitPushISA 5
OTRS::ProhibitRequire 5
OTRS::ProhibitRmtree 5
OTRS::ProhibitSomeCoreFunctions 5
OTRS::RequireCamelCase 5
OTRS::RequireParensWithMethods 5
OTRS::RequireTrueReturnValueForModules 5
Perlsecret 4 Prevent perlsecrets entering your codebase
References::ProhibitComplexDoubleSigils 5 allow $$foo but not $$foo[1]-E.
References::ProhibitDoubleSigils 5 Write @{ $array_ref } instead of @$array_ref.
RegularExpressions::ProhibitCaptureWithoutTest 5 Capture variable used outside conditional.
RegularExpressions::ProhibitComplexRegexes 5 Split long regexps into smaller qr// chunks.
RegularExpressions::ProhibitEnumeratedClasses 5 Use named character classes instead of explicit character lists.
RegularExpressions::ProhibitEscapedMetacharacters 5 Use character classes for literal meta-characters instead of escapes.
RegularExpressions::ProhibitFixedStringMatches 5 Use eq or hash instead of fixed-pattern regexps.
RegularExpressions::ProhibitSingleCharAlternation 5 Use [abc] instead of a.
RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusedCapture 5 Only use a capturing group if you plan to use the captured value.
RegularExpressions::ProhibitUnusualDelimiters 5 Use only // or {} to delimit regexps.
RegularExpressions::ProhibitUselessTopic 5 Don't use $_ to match against regexes.
RegularExpressions::RequireBracesForMultiline 5 Use { and } to delimit multi-line regexps.
RegularExpressions::RequireDotMatchAnything 5 Always use the /s modifier with regular expressions.
RegularExpressions::RequireExtendedFormatting 5 Always use the /x modifier with regular expressions.
RegularExpressions::RequireExtendedFormattingExceptForSplit 5 Always use the /x modifier with regular expressions, except when the regex is used
RegularExpressions::RequireLineBoundaryMatching 5 Always use the /m modifier with regular expressions.
Subroutines::ProhibitAmpersandSigils 5 Don't call functions with a leading ampersand sigil.
Subroutines::ProhibitBuiltinHomonyms 5 Don't declare your own open function.
Subroutines::ProhibitCallsToUndeclaredSubs 5
Subroutines::ProhibitCallsToUnexportedSubs 5
Subroutines::ProhibitExcessComplexity 5 Minimize complexity by factoring code into smaller subroutines.
Subroutines::ProhibitExplicitReturnUndef 5 Return failure with bare return instead of return undef.
Subroutines::ProhibitExportingUndeclaredSubs 5
Subroutines::ProhibitManyArgs 5 Too many arguments.
Subroutines::ProhibitNestedSubs 5 sub never { sub correct {} }.
Subroutines::ProhibitQualifiedSubDeclarations 5
Subroutines::ProhibitReturnSort 5 Behavior of sort is not defined if called in scalar context.
Subroutines::ProhibitSubroutinePrototypes 5 Don't write sub my_function (@@) {}.
Subroutines::ProhibitUnusedPrivateSubroutines 5 Prevent unused private subroutines.
Subroutines::ProtectPrivateSubs 5 Prevent access to private subs in other packages.
Subroutines::RequireArgUnpacking 5 Always unpack @_ first.
Subroutines::RequireFinalReturn 5 End every path through a subroutine with an explicit return statement.
TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoStrict 5 Prohibit various flavors of no strict.
TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitNoWarnings 5 Prohibit various flavors of no warnings.
TestingAndDebugging::ProhibitProlongedStrictureOverride 5 Don't turn off strict for large blocks of code.
TestingAndDebugging::RequireTestLabels 5 Tests should all have labels.
TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseStrict 5 Always use strict.
TestingAndDebugging::RequireUseWarnings 5 Always use warnings.
Tics::ProhibitLongLines 5 80 x 40 for life!
Tics::ProhibitManyArrows 5 (this => is => not => good)
Tics::ProhibitUseBase 5 do not use
TryTiny::ProhibitExitingSubroutine 5 Ban next/last/return in Try::Tiny blocks
TryTiny::RequireCatch 5 Always include a "catch" block when using "try"
ValuesAndExpressions::ConstantBeforeLt 5 disallow bareword before <
ValuesAndExpressions::NotWithCompare 5 logical not used with compare
ValuesAndExpressions::PreventSQLInjection 5 Prevent SQL injection in interpolated strings.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitArrayAssignAref 5 don't assign an anonymous arrayref to an array
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitBarewordDoubleColon 5 don't use Foo:: style barewords
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitCommaSeparatedStatements 5 Don't use the comma operator as a statement separator.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitComplexVersion 5 Prohibit version values from outside the module.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitConstantPragma 5 Don't < use constant FOO = 15 >>.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitEmptyCommas 5 disallow empty consecutive commas
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitEmptyQuotes 5 Write q{} instead of ''.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitEscapedCharacters 5 Write "\N{DELETE}" instead of "\x7F", etc.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitFiletest_f 5 don't use the -f file test
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitImplicitNewlines 5 Use concatenation or HEREDOCs instead of literal line breaks in strings.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitInterpolationOfLiterals 5 Always use single quotes for literal strings.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLeadingZeros 5 Write oct(755) instead of 0755.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitLongChainsOfMethodCalls 5 Long chains of method calls indicate tightly coupled code.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMagicNumbers 5 Don't use values that don't explain themselves.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMismatchedOperators 5 Don't mix numeric operators with string operands, or vice-versa.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitMixedBooleanOperators 5 Write !$foo && $bar instead of not $foo && $bar or $baz.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitNoisyQuotes 5 Use q{} or qq{} instead of quotes for awkward-looking strings.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitNullStatements 5 disallow empty statements (stray semicolons)
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitQuotesAsQuotelikeOperatorDelimiters 5 Don't use quotes (', ", `) as delimiters for the quote-like operators.
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitSpecialLiteralHeredocTerminator 5 Don't write print <<'__END__' .
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitUnknownBackslash 5 don't use undefined backslash forms
ValuesAndExpressions::ProhibitVersionStrings 5 Don't use strings like v1.4 or 1.4.5 when including other modules.
ValuesAndExpressions::RequireConstantOnLeftSideOfEquality 5 Putting the constant value on the left side of an equality exposes typos.
ValuesAndExpressions::RequireConstantVersion 5 Require $VERSION to be a constant rather than a computed value.
ValuesAndExpressions::RequireInterpolationOfMetachars 5 Warns that you might have used single quotes when you really wanted double-quotes.
ValuesAndExpressions::RequireNumberSeparators 5 Write 141_234_397.0145 instead of 141234397.0145 .
ValuesAndExpressions::RequireNumericVersion 5 $VERSION a plain number
ValuesAndExpressions::RequireQuotedHeredocTerminator 5 Write print <<'THE_END' or print <<"THE_END" .
ValuesAndExpressions::RequireUpperCaseHeredocTerminator 5 Write <<'THE_END'; instead of <<'theEnd'; .
ValuesAndExpressions::RestrictLongStrings 5 Stop mixing long strings with code.
ValuesAndExpressions::UnexpandedSpecialLiteral 5 specials like __PACKAGE__ used literally
Variables::ProhibitAugmentedAssignmentInDeclaration 5 Do not write my $foo .= 'bar'; .
Variables::ProhibitConditionalDeclarations 5 Do not write my $foo = $bar if $baz; .
Variables::ProhibitEvilVariables 5 Ban variables that aren't blessed by your shop.
Variables::ProhibitLocalVars 5 Use my instead of local, except when you have to.
Variables::ProhibitMatchVars 5 Avoid $`, $&, $' and their English equivalents.
Variables::ProhibitPackageVars 5 Eliminate globals declared with our or use vars.
Variables::ProhibitPerl4PackageNames 5 Use double colon (::) to separate package name components instead of single quotes (').
Variables::ProhibitPunctuationVars 5 Write $EVAL_ERROR instead of $@.
Variables::ProhibitReusedNames 5 Do not reuse a variable name in a lexical scope
Variables::ProhibitUnusedVariables 5 Don't ask for storage you don't need.
Variables::ProhibitUnusedVarsStricter 5 Don't ask for storage you don't need.
Variables::ProhibitUselessInitialization 5 prohibit superfluous initializations
Variables::ProtectPrivateVars 5 Prevent access to private vars in other packages.
Variables::RequireInitializationForLocalVars 5 Write local $foo = $bar; instead of just local $foo;.
Variables::RequireLexicalLoopIterators 5 Write for my $element (@list) {...} instead of for $element (@list) {...}.
Variables::RequireLocalizedPunctuationVars 5 Magic variables should be assigned as "local".
Variables::RequireNegativeIndices 5 Negative array index should be used.