Article and screencast series on the Perl Maven site:

Modern Web Frameworks

  • Mojolicious the light-weight web framework
  • Perl Dancer, light-weight web framework
  • PSGI/Plack, the superglue between perl web application frameworks and web servers
  • Catalyst The MVC web framework of Perl
  • CGI, the Common Gateway Interface, for old-school web applications.

Object Oriented Perl

  • Moo, the Minimalist Object Oriented system for Perl
  • Moose, the 'post modern' Object Oriented system for Perl

Courses, tutorials

Other Series

  • Perl and MongoDB, the NoSQL database
  • AnyEvent, asynchronous programming
  • Net::Server the framework to build TCP/IP servers
  • MetaCPAN - articles for CPAN users, CPAN authors, client developers, and MetaCPAN developrs.

Projets and Collections